Friday, April 6, 2012

Adams Plus Flea Tick Mist Scary side effects

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Mist with IGR, 32 oz
Adams Plus Flea & Tick Mist with IGR, 32 oz Read more...

  • Kills and repels fleas ticks and mosquitoes
  • Use on dogs cats pet bedding carpet and furniture
  • Also kills flea eggs and larvae for 3 months

  • fleas be gone! I have not used a flea spray in a long time because I use Frontline Plus on all my dogs. But Frontline doesn't seem to be doing the job lately. I spray the dogs mid month. I used to use Adams because it had a pleasant smell. The have changed the formula and this does not smell so pleasant but it does kill the fleas and that's what it is suppose to do.
    Finally!!! My dogs were being eaten alive by fleas. I have ordered a big supply of frontline from another website. it will take two weeks for it to get here. In the mean time I have been trying sprays to get rid of them and keep them away until the frontline arrives. I used hartz flea spray which did not help. I put garlic in their food and that helped repel the critters. I needed something that would kill and repel. I always use amazon reviews when I buy anything online. That is what convinced me this time. I gave them both a bath and then sprayed them with Adams from head to tail. You can tell it is going to work after you get a whif of this stuff. I sprayed them inside my garage with the door closed to prevent wasting any to the atmosphere and I was almost overcome with the smell. But the end result was no more fleas at least for now. They look so at ease compared to the thrashing around to get those critters off. Most of the skin irritation has abated. I will keep a bottle on hand just in case the frontline proves to be worthless. I would purchase this product in a minute.
    Scary side effects I used this product per the directions on my 14lb tabby and he had a terrible reaction to it. 15 minutes after applying it I came upstairs to find him drooling on my keyboard and looking disoriented. I immediately bathed him however the symptoms persisted. The next morning he was switching between slightly dragging his hind legs and walking as if there were tape stuck to them. After a few days he seemed to recover however I would never recommend Adams Plus Flea & Tick Mist With Insect Growth Regulator to anyone with a cat. This product with certainly kill the fleas but it might kill your cat in the process. I threw my bottle in the garbage where it belonged and have had significantly better results with Bayer Advantage II for Cats.
    Dangerous ! Don't use for cats! I follow the instructions and spray at my cat but after 10 min the cat leak himself and start having a weird foam looking saliva. I got so scared!I went to the emergency hospital so concerned that I didn't locked my house or wore a braThe vet told me that the Pyrethrins 0.180% the spray contain is very dangerous.My cat feeling better now but don't take the risk and try it on your cat. I was so full in regret that my cat been threw so much because of this unsafe frighting spray.
    Really worked Used the drops for months. Wound up with a Flea Problem. Purchased almost every type of Flea product also bombed and baths. This product proved to be the best now Toby Bear and Beatrice are Flea Free and so is my home. Moral don't be trusting of Products. Always check the pet with a flea comb no matter what product or groomer you use.
    Not really as advertised. This is in no way a subsitute for Frontline or the other expensive monthly flea treatments. I find it works when the spray directly hits a flea. That is it.When I had an infestation on the pit bull it worked well due to his short coat but I tried to use it on the cat not only did she HATE that I was spraying something on her it didn't seem to penetrate her coat so the fleas were not effected.In no way do I believe the claim that it repels fleas. Thats BS.
    This stuff kills Bedbugs too! Kills bedbugs almost instantlyeven though they are not listed on its label. Where Pronto and Hot Shot failed for me Adams flea and tick spray worked! Highly recommended. Get the kind that says Safe for dogs and cats instead of Safe for dogs cats kittens and puppies because1. The dog/cat spray has an added ingredient which lingers and kills the eggs while keeping the young from maturing sexually.2. The dogs cats kittens and puppies version has an overwhelming perfumey smell.
    THE WORST FLEA AND TICK PRODUCT ON THE MARKET I used this product for the first time three weeks ago. I followed instructions on the bottle. Now for the past three weeks my two dogs and I have not been able to get the burning and itching to stop on our skin. I have washed nearly everything in my home removed rugs entirely and have not been able to remove this toxic chemical from our furniture and the rest of our home.We can no longer sit on our sectional sofa. I have it covered with sheets and blankets to protect our skin but for now we can no longer enjoy our living room area. I have spoken with the manufacturer. They did a report for the EPA and had me speak to Health and Safety but this seemed to be more of a CYA action than anything else. So far no one has called me to tell me how to effectively remove this from my living room furniture so that we can use that room again.
    ADAMS FLEAS AND TICK SPRAY DOES NOT WORK THIS over priced flea spray doesn't work any better then the much hated flea powder. it only costs about 10 times more money. I've put this stuff on my dogs and cats and they are still covered with the flea's and they are indoor pets. I wrote to the Adams company to complain and they sent me a big long letter saying how I needed to buy these other Adams products to do the job right = and make them a bit richer!!!Dont waste your money. Go get s bottle of cheep shampoo and give your pet a bath and let the soap soak on then for about 10 minutes and the flea's will suffacatem in the soap.
    great value The price for the size makes it a great value. This doesn't smell as good as the regular Adams. It must be the IGR. But it works every bit as well.

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    2. Nice and informative post.It really helpful for everyone. I would like to suggest best Flea & Ticks Solutions for Large Dogs Flea and Tick Control

    3. Unfortunately I used this as well, I trusted it because I have used the regular formula most & the shampoo for years without issues. Yesterday however I used the "plus" & 3 of my babies are showing disorientation, wobbly, extra sleepy, & walking as if they have tape on their paws, I pray it wears off. I will never use Adam's of any kind again & absolutely do not recommend this!!!!

    4. You arent suppose to use it on your animals... its supposed to be used on carpet and furniture and beds...

      1. There are different kinds they have you can use. Some day for dogs and cats like the one I bought and some are for furniture and pet bedding.

    5. I used Adams dog and cat spray. It killed some fleas for 1 night. But, my cat almost immediately started to throw up and froth at the mouth all night long and twitching of his limbs. He is NOT a small cat. I washed him off and as the days moved on he got better. My Yorkie faired it ok. Probably will not use it again for another big reason. The vapors and smell of the chemicals were overwhelming to my my husband and myself. Not a good product for this household.

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